“What is QuizTrivia™?”

“QuizTrivia Software”

What makes “QuizTrivia” a better business model than other trivia?

dot is a fully integrated software package for people who want to build their own, long term trivia business…(if you just need some short term cash, then this is not for you!)

dot utilises cutting edge technology to ensure a professionally presented, bigger and more entertaining trivia event.

dot is a ‘one-stop’ portable software package that plays out from the operator/host iPad – there’s no need to play songs from a separately compiled CD, no need to play video clips from another separately compiled disk, no need to read questions from sheets of paper or a cheap power point presentation.

dot projects on to a big screen from a portable, hand held iPad allowing hosts to walk freely around the venue interacting with players.

dot features licensed and copyright approved visual and audio clips: music, comedy, news and historic footage cleared for public performance.

dot allows the audio and visual clips to be replayed as often as required, (for players who want another look or listen to a music snippet), during the question and when the answers are revealed.

dot contains a built in counting-down ‘timer’ that maintains the pace of the event and competitive tension among teams.

dot features a scrolling screen ‘review’ of questions at the end of each round, giving competitors a chance to look again at a question before submitting their answers.

dot is easy to use and versatile. Operators can run generic trivia events week in week out, or tailor made ‘one off’ shows for charity fundraisers, corporate events, Sports nights etc..

dot provides ready-made questions to coincide with anniversaries: Celebrity birthdays and deaths, (such as Elvis, Beatles, John F Kennedy etc….) plus Christmas, Easter, Australia Day trivia etc

dot each week, provides a generic 65 question, 3 round show, that runs neatly into a 2 hour format, with marking breaks between the rounds providing players plenty of opportunity to head to the bar or bistro to keep the venue tills ticking over

dot looks great and provides ‘passive’ entertainment in venues, even for patrons not actively competing.

dot management has more than 30 years experience in media and running trivia around the country, a wealth of knowledge we are happy to share with our operators, passing on hints and ideas so they can run trivia events that keep players and teams wanting to come back,. The success of our licensees is our success and we will do all we can to assist and support.

dot is purpose designed trivia software…you find the clients, inject your personality and we’ll supply the formula to build your own successful and profitable business.

This is not a franchise, there are no must follow rules but with 30 years of experience in the media and running trivia around the country we have a wealth of knowledge we are happy to share. The success of our licensees is our success and we will do all we can to assist and support.